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Ghost Write The Clip

2008-04-05 11:44:51 by Kamikaze-Boy

Hello, whoever is reading this.
Are you good at animating flash, but lack the imagination to think of any good clips?
Or are you good at thinking of clips, but too lazy to animate them?

Here's an idea!

Ghost Write The Clip
is an idea I came up with so that people too poor or lazy to animate their ideas (like me,) so they can share their ideas with those able to animate them.

The rules are simple: If you want to use my (or anyones) ideas to make a clip, private message them when you make it. THE CLIP MUST STICK TO THE ORIGINAL STORY OR IDEA UNLESS THE GHOST WRITER AGREES TO ALLOW YOU TO TWEEK IT.

The ghost writer may choose if they want you to put them on the credits for the clip. Personally, I'd private message the author of the clip, or write a review, so that if the clip isn't of my liking, I could tell the author how to improve.

ALSO, there is no copyright involved, seeing that the ghostwriter isn't being paid, unless you count your ideas come to life through someone else's time spent animating it and at their expense, so it's a double edged sword.

The design of the characters or items involved in the flash must also be somewhat similar to how it's described in the ghost writer's original story. Once again, Only private message someone if you want to change their story or if you've posted it, otherwise it'll probably just piss them off.

I'll grade my ghost writing prowess honestly in these categories: (from 1-10)
Comedy: 7
Action: 7
Adventure: 7
Parody: 7
Serious: 5
(If you can think of any other relevant categories, I'll grade myself on those also, as honest as possible.)

To start things off, here's some freebies that anyone can use, and I'll write a comment on whoever I think designed it the best. ONCE MORE, private message or email me if you've posted it or if you want me to write an original story or clip for you.

No. 1
On G-Bay: (mature, humor)

(Camera pans out revealing Guantanamo Bay in all of its creepiness)
Inside a secret room, a middle eastern man sits tied and bound to a chair in the middle of the room whom appears to be in his mid 30's. The room is filled with propaganda posters, most of which include George Bush, and all of which support his regime. There is a door on the east corner of the enclosed room, and a lone overhanging lamp.

Suddenly, a Caucasian man in a black suit and shades enters the door, with a clean haircut and one of those CIA, white ear bud things hanging out of his ear. Without warning, he pulls a desert eagle, (or some other government issued gun,) out of his jacket and shoots the middle eastern man in the kneecap.

(lets just call the middle eastern guy Abdul) Abdul: (screams in pain) "What the hell is wrong with you?"

(let's call the CIA dude Agent 1234) Agent 1234: "Alright, wheres the bombs?"

Abdul: (struggling to cope with the fear and pain) "What bombs? You guys just took me from the Subway (the restaurant,) in Kuwait and brought me here!

Agent 1234: The agent puts the gun back in his jacket. The agent then takes a cigar carton out of his pocket, takes out a single, puts it in his mouth, puts the carton back, and takes out a lighter. He lights the cigarette and puts the lighter back in his pocket. He waits a while and enjoys the cigarette. He then, with cigar in mouth, takes out his weapon and shoots Abdul in his other knee.

Abdul: (screams in pain)

Agent1234: "You're running out of knees, Abdul. Now tell me, where is the Uranium nukes you smuggled for Saddam?"

Abdul: (shakes his head in confusion) "I don't know! I mean, I didn't smuggle anything!"

Agent 1234: (walks over to Abdul's side, and shoots him in the arm. Abdul in turn, yells out in pain.) "You're making me waste bullets, here. Bullets are expensive and I gotta pay for 'em. The government doesn't pay as well as you think, Abdul. I RENTED THIS SUIT! And this cord in my ear? ITS CONNECTED TO MY I-POD! Connected, like you are to Al-Qaeda!"

Abdul: "What the fuck are you talking about? I just wanted a $5 foot long while the offer still lasted!"

Agent1234: "What offer? How much was Fidel offering you to spy on Osama?"

Abdul: (loosing a lot of blood and becoming delirious) "Fidel? Fidel Castro? Isn't he in Cuba?"

Agent 1234: (walks over to Abdul's other side and shoots him in his other arm. Abdul's so far gone, his scream is delayed.) "Where is he in Cuba? Where are the bombs? Who listens to Tim McGraw anymore? Whats my mother's maiden name?"

Abdul: "You're insane, man.."

Agent 1234: "I'm insane? you're the one with whip cream on your nipples, BRITNEY SPEARS!"

Abdul: (Is now passing out from the loss of blood and mutters:) "Oops...I...did it...once more..."

Agent 1234: (Shakes his head and unloads the rest of the ammunition into Abdul's already half dead body. After a while, the agent extends his hand as if expecting to receive something, and remarks:)
"Seriously though, where's the bombs?"